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About Niko Donburi

Niko Donburi is best known for his parodies about the thriving virtual world known as Second Life. His lyrics depend largely on satirizing issues and aspects of Second Life--be it grey goo, Linden Lab, furries, or virtual romance.

Niko's parodies about Second Life are well known through out the SL community and were a staple of SecondCast, SL Under the Radar and other popular Second Life podcasts during the peak years of SL . Niko was a featured performer at the 2007 Second Live Community Convention in Chicago, Illinois, and he still holds the record for the largest virtual live music concert ever held in Second Life at 400+ separate sims.

Niko's music is frequently heard in the clubs of Second Life, with old skool virtual deejays keeping songs such as Dear Linden, Dear Linden, It's the End of the World as we know it (in Second Life), and My Favorite Things (About Second Life) in rotation. It's been said that if you really want to know the history of Second Life, all you need to do is listen to Niko's songs.

The Songs

Clicking on each song title will take you to that specific song to listen to or download. All songs may be used under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. Lyrics are available on the left side panel.

The Linden - On the train ride back from SLCC2007 in Chicago, I ran into a Linden... (parody of "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers)
Virtual Stranger - For all those who have had their heart broken in Second Life.... (original)
My Favorite Things (about Second Life) - Pretty much self-explanatory... (parody of "My Favorite Things," the O&E classic)
Should I log in or Should I go now? - Sometimes it's no fun to be in SL... (parody of "Should I stay or should I go?" by The Clash)
Dear Linden, Dear Linden - The ultimate Second Life protest song... (parody of "Dear Abby" by John Prine)
SL Man - True stories about some of my virtual friends... (parody of "Piano Man" by Billy Joel)
It's the end of the world as we know it (in Second Life) - With every change or addition to the Grid, someone somewhere thinks it's all gonna end... (parody of "It's the End of the World as we Know it" by REM)
44 lines about 22 Lindens - I got to wondering one day about who these Lindens really are and what do they actually do... (parody of "88 Lines about 44 Women" by The Nails)
Escape (The Second Life Song) - Looking for love in SL? Best be careful your spouse doesn't find out... (parody of "Escape (the Pina Colada Song)" by Rupert Holmes.)
Wastin' Away in Second Life - An ode to the greatest time sink ever created... (parody of "Margaritaville" by Jimmy Buffett)
Second Life (that's where I want to be)- the anthem of the addictive world of Second Life (parody of "Up in Smoke" by Cheech and Chong)
Living Virtually - What keeps bringing people back to Second Life are not the graphics, the ability to create your own content or any other technological feat. It is the people. (original).


Not all of my Second Life songs are parodies. Here are machinima for five of them that are not....

One of my most popular songs, this parody of the Cheech & Chong classic summarizes the Second Life experience quite nicely. It's annotated to explain what I'm actually singing about!

As amazing as Second Life is, it's the people behind the avatar that make it all worth while. This song is my way of thanking all those who have been my virtual friends...

As many of you know, Second Life allows you to reach a level of intimacy with another person that is beyond the physical. The wall of physicality that we carry with us in the real world gets set aside, exposing our hearts and minds. Such exposure can easily lead to wounds. This song tries to answer the question of how can someone whose virtual cause so much pain that is physical? It was made by my good friend chugabug midnight during the record breaking show from liam and chrissy's barcelona sim and is dedicated to....

Whenever I would bring anyone into SL, the first place I would show them was Svarga. Svarga was the center of artificial life in Second Life. Everything in the entire sim was created to be interdependent, from the clouds to the insects to the plants. You can read more about Svarga here, at New World Notes.

But Svarga, like Niko Donburi, is now a thing of SL lore. It no longer exists. Fortunately, I had filmed a machinima exploration of the sim, which does not do it justice but at least provides a glimpse at what many consider was the most incredible thing ever created in Second Life. This is a solo guitar composition written specifically for the machinima.

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not include this one of Koryo. This is a parcel long donated to me as a music creation space from my best SL friend, Elwood Abernathy. When I am not performing live in Second Life I would often plug in and play here. Since this was my first machinima, you'll note I forgot to turn off my title. If you look closely, however, you'll see that I am listed as busy. Fitting, that. I had scoured the SL vendors and included as much artificial life on the parcel as possible, including weather effects, renewing flowers, butterflies, birds, insects, and, of course, my cat.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

All Souls Day Celebration: Sunday, Nov.2nd

All readers of this post are hereby cordially invited to attend an All Souls Day Celebration in Barcelona Sim beginning at 6:00 pm SL this coming Sunday. Music entertainment will be provided by yours truly, Niko Donburi. Please be advised that the event will be recorded for use in a machinima.

Interview with Sokmunky Rutabaga

[19:06] Niko Donburi: Hi, mind if I ask you a somewhat off-the-wall question?

[19:06] Sokmunky Rutabaga: HI! what's up?
[19:07] Sokmunky Rutabaga: I like questions.

[19:07] Niko Donburi: Why Rutabaga? Why did you select that for your last name in SL?

[19:08] Sokmunky Rutabaga: cause I like rutabagas. they're yummy. and it's fun to say.

[19:08] Sokmunky Rutabaga: and most people don't know what they are.

[19:09] Sokmunky Rutabaga: so my native name would be something like foot-covering-cuddly-toy tastes like yummy ground root, or something.
[19:10] Sokmunky Rutabaga: also, rutabagas containa compound that breaks down into cyanide. which is cool.

[19:10] Sokmunky Rutabaga grins

[19:10] Niko Donburi: lol

[19:11] Sokmunky Rutabaga: how's that for an answer?

[19:11] Niko Donburi: mind if I publish your response on my blog?

[19:11] Sokmunky Rutabaga: ok, as long as I can link it :)

Interview with Lina Lageos: ZeroG SkyDancer

Pursuant to her request, this interview has been removed.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Interview with Circe Broom: The Queen of Live Music

[19:57] Niko Donburi: Why did you chose Broom to be your last name in SL?

[19:58] Circe Broom: I'm a witch
[19:58] Circe Broom: and thought it funny

[19:58] Niko Donburi: were you a witch in RL before or in SL?

[19:58] Circe Broom: in RL before

[19:59] Niko Donburi: a wiccan?

[19:59] Circe Broom: yes, but my own kind.. just as with any religion, I dislike extremes

[20:00] Niko Donburi: not with a coven then?

[20:00] Circe Broom: I was solitary for years, then found folks up here in of like mind

[20:00] Circe Broom: and yes, but three of them moved away
[20:01] Circe Broom: and some of the spirit was lost..

[20:01] Niko Donburi: yes, the greater the number the greater the power

[20:01] Circe Broom: stuff happens
[20:01] Circe Broom: yes
[20:02] Circe Broom: we've done really fine stuff, I think.. and I think maybe I am alive right now because of our power...
[20:02] Circe Broom: and we have been a positive force in our neighborhood... are well regarded
[20:03] Niko Donburi: good

[20:03] Niko Donburi: mind if I quote you for the interview?
[20:04] Niko Donburi: I'll need a jpg or the one you just sent and any links you want your name linked to

[20:05] Circe Broom: ooh let me get a better one! My hair's a MESS LOL
[20:05] Circe Broom: LINKS ooh baby

[20:05] Niko Donburi: lo
l[20:05] Niko Donburi: nothing but the best here..!

[20:06] Niko Donburi: so, is that a yes?

[20:06] Circe Broom: YES

[20:06] Niko Donburi: lol

Interview with Xerses Goff:

[19:22] Niko Donburi: I was going to ask you, why did you chose Goff to be your last name in SL?

[19:23] Xerses Goff: lol, it was the last nome of a former footabll coach at my college.

[19:23] Niko Donburi: Can I quote you for my blog?

[19:24] Xerses Goff: sure.

[19:24] Niko Donburi: send me a jpg via and any links you want linked to

[19:24] Xerses Goff: just doen't use my spelling, lol

[19:24] Niko Donburi: lol

Monday, October 27, 2008

Ever find yourself just a few Lindens short to buy something you want? Hate when that happens. Here's what I want to buy next, but only had L1141 left in the account after purchasing all the machinima apps. So, guess it's time to do another concert! :-)

Interview with Chrissy Cordeaux: Mistress of Barcelona

[18:58] Niko Donburi: (1) why did you chose Cordeaux to be your last name in SL?

[19:02] Chrissy Cordeaux: because I liked the way it sounded....It might sound silly, but I wanted my name to sound cute but sophisticated at the same time.

[19:04] Niko Donburi: mind if I post your response on my blog?

[19:04] Chrissy Cordeaux: sure, go ahead

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saw a tweet by Torley which had a tinyurl. Followed it to the above. Is that cool or what!

You must see

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Interview with Chugabug Goodnight: Machinamist

[19:21] Niko Donburi: Hello, Miss Goodnight!

[19:21] chugabug Goodnight: Niko!,, how are you?

[19:22] Niko Donburi: Just checking out Nautilus after reading Radar's blog

[19:22] chugabug Goodnight: ah, cool.. his pics came out really good

[19:22] Niko Donburi: Yes
[19:23] Niko Donburi: I wanted to ask you a question or two, if it's okay

[19:23] chugabug Goodnight: sure

[19:23] Niko Donburi: first one... why did you choose Goodnight as you last name here in SL?

[19:25] chugabug Goodnight: I knew ppl would think of "chug a bug" as a drinking "connotation", so.. what do you do when you drink?... You wanna go "goodnight"!

[19:25] Niko Donburi: lol

[19:25] chugabug Goodnight: I do, any way
[19:25] chugabug Goodnight: lol
[19:26] chugabug Goodnight: and, chugabug has NOTHING to do with drinking
[19:26] chugabug Goodnight: #2?

[19:26] Niko Donburi: wait, since you opened the door I'm going to ask: what, then, does chugabug have to do with?

[19:26] chugabug Goodnight: haha
[19:27] chugabug Goodnight: curious?
[19:28] chugabug Goodnight: when I was a kid.. in a neighborhood game of football (co-ed) I could run the ball down the field, dodging everybody and my friends said "you can CHUG a ball down the field!" "cute as a bug in a rug". Make sense?

[19:29] Niko Donburi: lol

[19:30] chugabug Goodnight: true story

[19:31] Niko Donburi: want the second question?
[19:32] chugabug Goodnight: sure, if you wanna ask it

[19:33] Niko Donburi: every other person I've interviewed has at least SOMETHING in the "About" section on their profile.
[19:33] Niko Donburi: You have nothing.
[19:33] Niko Donburi: Why?
[19:33] Niko Donburi: Why nothing?

[19:34] chugabug Goodnight: Hmmm, good question

[19:35] Niko Donburi chuckles

[19:35] chugabug Goodnight: In my skype profile, my quote is "I've got nothing", and I guess that means I don't have much to say
[19:36] chugabug Goodnight: guess, I don't have much to say
[19:36] chugabug Goodnight: until you get to know me...[19:36] chugabug Goodnight darts her eyes up

[19:36] Niko Donburi smiles

[19:37] chugabug Goodnight: this for your blog?

[19:37] Niko Donburi: yes, and with your permission I'd like to post it.

[19:38] chugabug Goodnight: ah, cool

[19:38] Niko Donburi: so is it ok?

[19:38] chugabug Goodnight: it's ok, yes

[19:38] Niko Donburi grins

how :-) turns to :-( in five minutes

So, do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Good news: this morning I check my mail (nikodonburi at if you ever want to reach me) and my standing Google search reveals that someone has been talking about me. Not just an ordinary someone, but my friend, the famed podcaster Radar Masukami of SL Under the Radar. He did a post on his blog Reading Radar about me with a nice comment.

Bad news: I then go and click over to listen to his podcast. This is where it gets sad. SL Under the Radar is no more. The 39th episode is the last.

I can appreciate the need to change. If you've ever taken the time to start at the beginning of this blog and read through you will undoubtedly noted that I have taken some time off, had a bit of a career change, renewed my Second Life by spending some time off the computer and in the real world. But I've always come back. Let's hope Radar does the same.

How Stuff Works has a list of 59 famous people who died before 40. I note the following passed at 39:

56. Anna Nicole Smith (39)

57. Dennis Wilson (39)

58. Malcolm X (39)

59. Martin Luther King, Jr. (39)

I propose that we add the following: 60. SL Under the Radar (39th Episode)

machinima: svarga

This is the second composition from Music for Virtual Worlds. The footage is captured at my favorite sim, Svarga, a virtual ecosystem. A detailed description of Svarga with an interview of its creator, Laukosargas Svarog, can be found over at New World Notes.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Interview with Yxes Delacroix: SL Podcaster / SL TV Producer

[19:37] Niko Donburi: Why did you chose Delacroix to be your last name in SL?

[19:38] Yxes Delacroix: hehe i thought it looked good with Yxes. :)
[19:38] Yxes Delacroix: why do you ask?

[19:39] Niko Donburi: guess that makes me want to ask, why Yxes?

[19:40] Yxes Delacroix: cuz it is just sexY backwards! (and i never thought i would have to "say" either of them!! hehe)

[19:41] Niko Donburi: can I quote you in my interview series?

[19:41] Yxes Delacroix: why is that? why are you asking about my name?
[19:41] Yxes Delacroix: sure, you can quote me....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Machinima: Koryo

As those of you who routinely attend my in-world shows will now, in addition to my SL parodies and other originals I typically play a solo acoustic guitar composition sometime during the set, or more than one if the venue is appropriate it (such as Barcelona).

I'm in the process of compiling these into a machinima collection entitled Music for a Virtual World. Here is the first track, filmed in my corner of the virtual world: koryo.

Interview with Kaklick Martin: Live Music Performer

Considered one of the elders of the Second Life music scene, Bryan "ka-klick" Baker is a good friend to me and many others in SL. Be sure and check his regular Friday in-world show.

[2008/10/17 20:57] Niko Donburi: Why did you choose Martin as a last name?

[20:00] Kaklick Martin: Because it sounded good w/ Kaklick and it was a Guitar Maker's name. Sending you a time sensitive thing on Yahoo.

[20:25] Niko Donburi: Is it OK if I publish your comment on my blog?

[20:29] Kaklick Martin: which one? but yeah, probably

[20:29] Niko Donburi: the one about your lawt name

[20:30] Kaklick Martin: is that like a hawt last name?
[20:30] Kaklick Martin: lol
[20:30] Kaklick Martin: sure

Interview with Nethermind Bliss: Social Media Activist

Nethermind Bliss was the heart and soul of SLCC2007. Without her hard and thankless work, there would be no live music at the Convention. Example #1: SLCC2008.

[20:29] Niko Donburi: May I ask you a question?

[20:29] Nethermind Bliss: hi, Niko, long time no chat :)
[20:29] Nethermind Bliss: sure thing

[20:29] Niko Donburi: Why did you chose Bliss as your last name here in SL?

[20:29] Nethermind Bliss: interesting, and unexpected, question :)

[20:29] Nethermind Bliss: I chose it for two reasons
[20:30] Nethermind Bliss: because one, it was short, whereas Nethermind was a long name, so for linguistic reasons, it was musical in nature
[20:30] Nethermind Bliss: and two, because it's ultimately what most seek, by different definitions

[20:31] Niko Donburi: nice answer.

[20:31] Nethermind Bliss: what made you ask?

[20:31] Niko Donburi: May I quote you on my blog?

[20:31] Nethermind Bliss: absolutely
[20:31] Nethermind Bliss: I am as transparent as they come :)
[20:31] Niko Donburi: hehe

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Interview with Haroldthe Burrel: SL Relay for Life Team Captain

[18:59] Niko Donburi: Why did you chose Burrel to be your last name in SL?

[18:59] Haroldthe Burrel: heya Niko
[18:59] Haroldthe Burrel: Genesis

[19:00] Niko Donburi: As in the Bible or the band?

[19:00] Haroldthe Burrel: i came here from Mystonline, and my name there was Watcheroftheskies

[19:01] Niko Donburi: So you are a transient from another world

[19:01] Haroldthe Burrel: nope, really like Peter gabriel. lol

[19:01] Niko Donburi: lol
[19:01] Niko Donburi: mind if I quote you on my blog?

[19:01] Haroldthe Burrel: not at all

Interview with Serenity Brezoianu: Music Afficionado

Serenity is someone I met at a show. We've IMd a few times we've seen each other on and I always enjoy having her in the audience. By her profile uou can just tell she's a deep person:

We build walls. We wear a mask pretending to be what we aren't. We build the wall around us so high that people can't really know us. We are afraid of truth. We run as far as we can from it.
Then, there is the other side! A small part just wants to be heard, to be who you really should be. Fear keeps you from it all. Fear, I think is one of the most intense feelings. Fear. Fear keeps you from being the friend you could be. If you shared that ... you just don't know.

[18:37] Niko Donburi: Why did you choose Brezoianu as your last name in SL?

[18:38] Serenity Brezoianu: =) because it sounded weird =)

[18:38] Niko Donburi: lol

[18:38] Serenity Brezoianu: and it has lots of vowels

[18:38] Niko Donburi: why the vowels?
[18:39] Niko Donburi: why did that attract you to the name?

[18:39] Serenity Brezoianu: not ordinary... and at the time i didn't want to be ordinary ...

[18:39] Niko Donburi: and now?

[18:41] Serenity Brezoianu: now... the name fits... just different... I am described by someone I met here that I date now as Quirky =)

[18:42] Niko Donburi grins. You are.
[18:42] Niko Donburi: lol

[18:42] Serenity Brezoianu: =)

[18:42] Niko Donburi: mind if I quote you on my blog?

[18:43] Serenity Brezoianu: lol yes it's fine =)

Interview with Rocky Merosi: SL DJ

Rocky is one of my closest friends in Second Life. More about him later!

[18:32] Rocky Merosi: WOO
[18:32] Rocky Merosi: lol you are on

[18:32] Niko Donburi: hey, a question
[18:32] Niko Donburi: why did you choose Merosi as your last name in SL?

[18:33] Rocky Merosi: complete randomness :P

[18:33] Niko Donburi: lol
[18:33] Niko Donburi: why doesn't that surprise me?

[18:34] Rocky Merosi: Hey I am a random sorta person lol
[18:34] Niko Donburi: can I post your response to my blog?

[18:34] Rocky Merosi: sure lol

Now available: Live at the Cafe in Barcelona

Been going through Niko withdrawal for the past month or so? I've been working on a new music video collection, Music for a Virtual World, which is busy consuming my free time. I've also been updating my blog and related sites so be sure and look around.
So that you won't suffer too much, I've edited down and uploaded a live show to my site. It's one big mp3 file and contains all the usual between song chatter I often indulge in. All songs are originals and subject to the usual license arrangement elsewhere in the site. Feel free to listen to the stream or download it to your iPod or play any of the songs on your podcast. The lineup is just under an hour in length.
Here's the song lineup:
  1. Dear Linden, Dear Linden
  2. Living Virtually
  3. Naive Mind
  4. God Doesn't Care
  5. Virtual Strangers
  6. Won't Be Home Tonite
  7. Escape (The Second Life Song)
  8. Christmas Cake
  9. Second Life (That's Where I Want to Be)
  10. Dearly Beloved
  11. The Next Gone
  12. My Favorite Things (About Second Life)
  13. It's the End of the World (In Second Life)

As many of you know, The Cafe in the Barcelona Sim is one of my favorite venues. Rendered in brick-for-brick detail of the central plaza in Barcelona, it is a hub of the international live music scene. I'm planning on recording a video there on the new album.

Niko Donburi SL Satirist

Niko Donburi SL Satirist, originally uploaded by Paisley Beebe.

Check this out. Found it while running a flickr search on myself. Paisley Beebe rocks. Check out her Tonite Live! I need to remind myself to give her an IM to see if I can come back on when my new mp3 collection is release, "Dancing with Lindens"

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Interview with Savanah Markova

[2008/10/18 20:19] Niko Donburi: can I ask you a question?

[2008/10/18 20:19] Savanah Markova: yeah sure
[2008/10/18 20:21] Savanah Markova: what's up?

[2008/10/18 20:22] Niko Donburi: why did you chose Markova as your last name?

[2008/10/18 20:23] Savanah Markova: lol
[2008/10/18 20:23] Savanah Markova: I liked it the most out of the available options
[2008/10/18 20:23] Savanah Markova: why do you ask?

[2008/10/18 20:24] Niko Donburi: can I post your response to my blog in my interview?
[2008/10/18 20:24] Niko Donburi: I"ll need you to email me a great jpg of yourself and any link
you want people sent to

[2008/10/18 20:24] Savanah Markova: what?
[2008/10/18 20:24] Savanah Markova: why?
[2008/10/18 20:24] Savanah Markova: for what>?
[2008/10/18 20:24] Savanah Markova: lol

[2008/10/18 20:25] Niko Donburi: I am doing a series of iterviews of people I know in SL
[2008/10/18 20:25] Niko Donburi: asking them why their last name was chosen
[2008/10/18 20:26] Niko Donburi: why "markova" and not "miller" or something else

[2008/10/18 20:26] Savanah Markova: I see

[2008/10/18 20:27] Niko Donburi: so...
[2008/10/18 20:27] Niko Donburi: can I?

[2008/10/18 20:27] Savanah Markova: idk
[2008/10/18 20:27] Savanah Markova: lol

[2008/10/18 20:27] Niko Donburi: please
[2008/10/18 20:27] Niko Donburi: post to the site
[2008/10/18 20:27] Niko Donburi: ?

[2008/10/18 20:28] Savanah Markova: I'll think about it?

[2008/10/18 20:28] Niko Donburi: you'll be listed as the one who got away
[2008/10/18 20:29] Niko Donburi: :-)

[18:20] Savanah Markova: (Saved Sat Oct 18 22:35:37 2008) yeah go ahead and post it

Interview with Flameheart Sol - Proprietress of the House of Flames

[2008/10/17 21:05] Niko Donburi: Why did you choose "Sol" as your SL last name?

[2008/10/18 9:01] Flameheart Sol: Hey there are you???? What a question :). I chose it because it is Spanish for sun, and I am full of fire and passion (redheaded, Sicilian, Leo). I had no idea what my first name should be, but once Sol was chosen, Flameheart was the first thing that came to mond. Funny thing is that now I am also called Flameheart in real life. The name muist fit :). What is going on wtih you????

[2008/10/18 9:03] Niko Donburi: I'm well, thanks. Thanks also for the info. Can I quote you on my blog?

[2008/10/18 19:42] Flameheart Sol: sure you can quote me :)

Interview with Katronix Serf: Podiobook Producer and Podcaster

[19:43] Niko Donburi: Why did you choose "Serf" as your last name?

[19:44] Katronix Serf: dunno, it was just one of the options, when I joined :-)
[19:45] Katronix Serf: why?

[19:47] Niko Donburi: But why THAT one and not, say, Donburi or something else?

[19:48] Katronix Serf: honestly don't know... I don't even recall if back then we had a choice of last name

[19:48] Niko Donburi: Yeah, there was a selection screen. We are similar in rez day
[19:49] Niko Donburi: I'm doing an interview of people in SL asking them why they chose that particular last name.

[19:49] Katronix Serf: oh ok.... sorry I don't know... I probably picked the default it chose for me
[19:49] Niko Donburi: You can read the results on my blog at
[19:49] Niko Donburi: You are the first to either have just randomnly chose one or doesn't want to tell me!
[19:49] Niko Donburi: lol
[19:49] Katronix Serf: lol
[19:50] Niko Donburi: can I quote this chat as your interview on the blog? I will also upload a photo of you and a weblink to whereever you want it to go.
[19:50] Niko Donburi: Also, are you still podcasting?
[19:50] Katronix Serf: sure
[19:51] Katronix Serf: I am still podcasting, but not under my SL name anymore
[19:51] Niko Donburi: you have the coolest SL name, IMHO, why not use it?
[19:51] Katronix Serf: lol thanks
[19:51] Niko Donburi: BTW, how did you come up with Katronix? THAT wasn't on the list!@
[19:52] Katronix Serf: well, my RL name is so incredibly common, I wanted something that isn't common. So I threw letters together :-)
[19:52] Niko Donburi: Damn, that's cool.
[19:52] Niko Donburi: Can I quote that?
[19:52] Katronix Serf: sure
[19:53] Niko Donburi cuts and pastes into his blog post before Kat changes its mind.

Interview: Kira Finn

[2008/10/17 20:35] Niko Donburi: Hey, why did you choose "Finn" as a last name

Kira Finn: (Saved Sat Oct 18 19:33:40 2008) Well....I loved the name Kira even before I knew anything about SL. If I had a daughter that would of been her name. So when I signed into SL I knew I wanted that name and Finn seemed to just fit.

[19:42] Kira Finn: (Saved Sat Oct 18 19:34:10 2008) Can I ask why you are asking?
[19:43] Niko Donburi: Can I post your response as part of my interview of my favorite people in Second Life?
[19:43] Kira Finn: Sure
[19:43] Kira Finn: I'm one of your favorite people in SL?
[19:43] Niko Donburi shakes his head and rolls his eyes
[19:43] Kira Finn: lol

Hey, let go of that Ego Surf

While learning to use Technorati!, I ran across this post by Poppy Linden referencing "44 Lines about 22 Lindens" (you remember: Poppy Linden finds the bugs that cause us residents to scream). He found whilst ego-surfing himself. I found it by doing the same. Guess it's one ego strokin' another, eh?
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Interview with Phoenixa Sol: SL Dancer

[9:01] Phoenixa Sol: hiya, hope all is going great!
[9:02] Niko Donburi: Hi! A question for you: why did you choose your last name to be "Sol" ?
[9:03] Phoenixa Sol: phoenix... firey. Sol... sunshine. (and also, I live in San Fran bay area, and most of the names in that time frame were streets of san fran, which I flat out REFUSED to have
[9:03] Phoenixa Sol: Sol also because spoken could be swapped as "soul"
[9:03] Niko Donburi: lol
[9:03] Phoenixa Sol: i dance from the core of my soul
[9:04] Niko Donburi: is it okay for me to quote you on my blog on how you derived your name?
[9:04] Phoenixa Sol: sure, make sure you say that "Phoenix" was already taken, so I created Phoenixa by adding the A

Friday, October 17, 2008

Interview with Durzle Darkstone: Virtual DJ

[20:47] Niko Donburi: Why did you choose Darkstone as your SL last name?
[20:48] Durzle Darkstone: It was mysterious
[20:48] Durzle Darkstone: grins
[20:48] Durzle Darkstone: and went exceptionally well with Durzle
[20:48] Niko Donburi: lol; mind if I quote you?
[20:49] Durzle Darkstone: depends
[20:49] Niko Donburi: upon?
[20:49] Durzle Darkstone: why? and to whom?
[20:49] Durzle Darkstone: what's the context
[20:49] Durzle Darkstone: LOL
[20:49] Niko Donburi: on my blog I am posting the response to all my friends in SL on why they chose their last name
[20:49] Niko Donburi: the story
[20:49] Durzle Darkstone: sure
[20:50] Niko Donburi: send me a SL photo of yoruself, a link or slyrl
[20:50] Niko Donburi: slurl
[20:50] Niko Donburi: it is okay to publish?
[20:50] Durzle Darkstone: how many responses have you gotten?
[20:50] Niko Donburi: two up so far
[20:50] Niko Donburi:
[20:50] Niko Donburi:
[20:51] Durzle Darkstone: lol
[20:51] Durzle Darkstone: ok, you been drinking?
[20:51] Durzle Darkstone: what's the story behind it?
[20:52] Niko Donburi: just thought it would be something cool, all the neat people I know in Sl. That's why you are among the first asked
[20:52] Durzle Darkstone: how bout you?
[20:52] Niko Donburi: My last name?
[20:53] Durzle Darkstone: nods
[20:53] Niko Donburi: Donburi is a rice dish in Japan.
[20:53] Niko Donburi: Oyako Donburi is chicken and egg on rice
[20:53] Niko Donburi: Quite good. Incidently, it means "Mother and Child" on Rice
[20:54] Niko Donburi: Nikko means smile in japanese
[20:54] Durzle Darkstone: shehs
[20:54] Niko Donburi: I shortened it to Niko for spelling
[20:54] Durzle Darkstone: deep thoughts
[20:54] Durzle Darkstone: that's great
[20:54] Niko Donburi: so, can I post it?
[20:54] Durzle Darkstone: I came up with mine so quick
[20:54] Durzle Darkstone: and loved it
[20:54] Durzle Darkstone: nods, sure

Interview with Elwood Abernathy: Virtual Landlord of Thousand Palms

[20:42] Niko Donburi: why did you choose "Abernathy" to be your last name in SL?

[20:42] Elwood Abernathy: only because it was at the top of the list, the first one there
[20:42] Elwood Abernathy: i never looked down the list
[20:42] Elwood Abernathy: and Elwood is my fahters middle name
[20:43] Elwood Abernathy: i did not expect to stay
[20:43] Elwood Abernathy: i was going to sign up see what the hype was and then leave
[20:43] Elwood Abernathy: and then in one week i met like 10 different people and had to stay to see them lol
[20:43] Elwood Abernathy: and here i am
[20:44] Niko Donburi: wow
[20:44] Elwood Abernathy: with no where to go
[20:44] Niko Donburi: 3 years later
[20:44] Elwood Abernathy: almost
[20:44] Elwood Abernathy: we are old timers now
[20:44] Niko Donburi: Can I quote you on my blog?
[20:44] Elwood Abernathy: lol
[20:44] Elwood Abernathy: sure
[20:44] Niko Donburi: cool
[20:44] Niko Donburi: feel free to send me a link to a site or something if you want it linked
[20:44] Elwood Abernathy: ok

Interview with Esch Snoats: Artropolis

[20:35] Niko Donburi: Hey, why did you choose "Snoats" as a last name
[20:36] Esch Snoats: I was trying to find a name that sounds like someone clearing their nose when they spoke.. My av looks like someone who speaks with this snooty nasally voice, so "Snoats" sounded good that way :P
[20:36] Niko Donburi: are you serious?
[20:36] Esch Snoats: Yeah :P
[20:37] Esch Snoats: Say my av's name out loud with a snooty nasally voice
[20:38] Niko Donburi: can I quote you on how you chose your name?
[20:38] Esch Snoats: lol sure

Monday, October 06, 2008

Blog alert: A N00b's Progress

Blogger & SLPhotographer Lelani Carver posted a nice entry on A N00b's Progress . Her posts have a definite Asian-vibe, which is really cool. I'll have to remember to play her "Christmas Cake" and some of my other songs from my time in Japan and Indonesia.

Now I have to just figure out how to get on her Flickr page like Maxamillion!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Check out these podcasts!

Since my foray into the wild world of Podsafe Music, I've gotten notices that two podcasts thus far have played some of my SL parodies:

Atlantic Wave Radio out of the UK and Virtual Yooper out of Michigan. His blog is worth checking out, particularly if you ever dreamt of moving up, up and away or ever wanted to be an EMT!